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Goa Electric Mobility Promotion Policy 2021

The Goa government has launched the 'Goa Electric Mobility Promotion Policy 2021,' which aims to increase electric vehicle usage to 30% by 2025. This is a five-year electric mobility initiative that will result in the creation of 10,000 jobs in the state. All of the diesel marine vehicles will be converted to solar and electric.

An electric vehicle charging station would be constructed within a 3-kilometer radius in the city, and the policy would allow for a 25-kilometer range on the highway.

The strategy also offers 20-50 percent subsidies for e-charging station installation, 20 percent rebates for mega projects, 30 percent refunds for minor enterprises, and 50 percent rebates for startups.

The Goa Electrical Mobility Promotion Coverage (GEMPP) aims to help the state become an electric vehicle hub by establishing a prototype model.

Convergence Energy Services Limited (CESL), the Goa Energy Development Authority, and the State Transport and Electricity Department will all support the Goa Electric Mobility Promotion Policy 2021.

The federal government would also subsidies 3000 two-wheelers, 50 three-wheelers, and 300 four-wheelers for a period of five years. This will apply to passenger cars and autos that are compatible with Sturdy Hybrid Autos, Plug-in Hybrid Electrical Autos, and Battery Electrical Autos.

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