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With intelligent networked Smart Station, Charging is fast, simple, and safe. The second Generation of our Charger systems offers Precise Metering, convenient access methods to adjust the power demand, and Expanded Internet Connectivity.


Get powered with our Wi-Fi enabled, Cloud-based EVCS

Powerful Analytics Platform

CMS available for our clients for management and analytics

Assured 24/7 support to customers and ensure charger availability

Subscription offers

Forget conventional Payment Method

Easy payment settlement

AC Chargers

The majority of charging stations available today use AC power. Depending on the automobile you drive and the electricity available to the charging infrastructure, the typical charging speed is 3 ~ 22 kW. Because it takes longer to charge, it's best for charging your car at home or at less crowded places.

DC Chargers

DC charging, on the other hand, is more popular near roads or at public charging stations where there isn't much time to recharge. However, DC charging is making its way into homes, opening up new possibilities for customers because it allows for both rapid and bidirectional charging.


We’ve developed an app so that each vehicle user can plan their day:  book,  and reserve their plug through the app Or make decisions based on real-time information available. 


Choose a plan that fits you

Green                 28 days uncapped


Ideal for e2w

Red                    28 days uncapped


Ideal for electric-3w/4w

Rainbow          Yearly


Ideal for daily riders


Locate the nearest Charging Stations and Charge your EV with mobile app.
Manage and Monitor your Charging sessions hassle-free.
Scan the QR on the station to start the charging.
Monitor the  charging sessions  with real-time energy
Remote Charger Maintenance and Control Charger Management
Real-time charger status, updates, charging analytics, and health monitoring.
Precise and smart metering

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